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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Oxycise!

1. What's the difference between Oxycise! and BodyFlex?
2. How does breathing right help you lose weight?
3. How has the oxygen connection been proven?
4. Everybody breathes, so why are so many people overweight?
5. Do you have to do strenuous exercise to get more oxygen?
6. So, are you saying that all I have to do is just breathe more and I'll lose weight?
7. Why don't diets work?
8. Can you eat anything you want while doing Oxycise?
9. If I do Oxycise! should I start taking antioxidant supplements?
10. Is it necessary to do Oxycise! on an empty stomach?
11. Can anyone Oxycise?
12. Can Oxycise! even be used during pregnancy?
13. Do you have any reports of men losing weight with this system?
14. I don't need to lose weight, but I DO need to firm up. Can Oxycise! help?
15. Do you have to do it forever?
16. Are there any health conditions for which Oxycise! should NOT be used?
17. How can I get started?

Questions About Learning the Oxycise! Program

1. How do I coordinate the steps of the Basic Breath?
2. What is the purpose of the Pelvic Tilt? When do I release it?
3. What is the Lift?
4. I'm having trouble keeping up with the video tape -- what should I do?
5. It's difficult for me to make it through an entire 15 Minute workout -- any suggestions?
6. Is it OK to do more than one Oxycise! workout per day?
7. Is it necessary to do Oxycise! more than once a day to achieve good results?
8. Is it possible to do Oxycise! at work?
9. How soon can I move on to Level Two ?
10. Should I supplement my Oxycise! workout with aerobics or other forms of exercise?

Questions About Oxycise! Results and Maintenance

1. What kind of results can I expect with Oxycise?
2. Does Jill do other exercises to maintain her physical condition?
3. How wilI I know when I have reached the right weight for ME?
4. Will my past dieting "failures" affect the rate of my weight loss?
5. What should I do if I'm NOT seeing results?
6. Does Oxycise! produce long-term results?
7. What is Jill's personal Oxycise! routine?
8. What can I do to ensure my own best results?

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